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A Spiritual Journey from Employee to Lifestyle Entrepreneur

"This book will prepare you for one of the most challenging 
and rewarding journeys of your life: becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur 
on a mission."  - John Assaraf, New York Times Best Selling Author

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What is STOKED?
  • It is NOT just another self-help / business development book
  • It IS an entertaining business parable that takes you on a journey to help you figure out how to become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur
"Looking back at all the books I’ve read, the ones that have had the biggest impact on me were parables. Entertaining stories with life lessons woven in like 'The Richest Man in Babylon,' 'The Alchemist' or 'Rich Dad Poor Dad.' 

I wrote STOKED for the ambitious entrepreneur who wants to have a fun, entertaining read while learning time tested principles and strategies for creating sustainable success. Through fiction, this book will help readers to identify their own passions and talents to further understand how to use those skills in a business that benefits them and society." 
- Greg Rex
In his book STOKED: A Spiritual Journey from Employee to Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Greg incorporates key lessons he has learned over the course of his own life experience with the fictional lead character, Mitch Springer. 

Mitch is a sales representative at a large corporate pharmaceutical company who is overweight, burnt out and completely out of balance. He feels like he’s in a rut, with no time to focus on his passions or health.
After realizing he’s lost touch with what matters most to him, Mitch decides it’s time for a change. He seeks to find a simpler lifestyle that will allow him to find balance in the three areas he’s been neglecting most: his health, mind and finances. A powerful mentor/apprentice relationship emerges that changes everything for Mitch.
Through This Inspiring Entrepreneurial Story, You’ll Discover….
  • How to identify your own passions and talents to further understand how to use those skills in a business that benefits both you and society 
  • Reasons why you may not feel aligned in your life
  • How to overcome​ fear and make the leap to fulfill on your life's purpose
  • The hidden blessing in catastrophe
  • How making mistakes ​can make you stronger 
  • When and why you should lean into fear 
  • How to organize your life around what matters most and start following your Stoke
What's Included...
  • A FREE Stoked paperback book
  • An Exclusive Interview with John Assaraf
  • ​A Free Training and Exercise Booklet on How to Organize Your Life and Live According to What Matters Most and Start Following Your Stoke
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"Filled With Advice I Wish I Had When I First Started My Business..."
Dr. Lloyd Decker
Founder of Reno Regenerative Medicine
"Highly Recommend To Any Young Professional, Employee OR Entrepreneur"
Troy Keeney
Commercial Real Estate
"I Read This Book In Two Days... It Was
Off The Charts!"
Gino Scala
Founder of Grateful Gardens
A Spiritual Journey from Employee to Lifestyle Entrepreneur
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Hey! I’m Greg Rex. Author, Speaker, Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. 

I’ve got a free book for you called STOKED that’s going to help prepare you on your journey on becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.
If you’ve been struggling with the fear of becoming an entrepreneur, then you need this free book because, among other things, it reveals how you can identify your own passions and talents to further understand how to use those skills in a business that benefits both you and society.

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Greg Rex

Greg Rex
Author - Speaker - Coach - Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Greg Rex has started and help built 10 different companies. In 2002, burnt out on the corporate grind, Greg decided to simplify his life and become a health coach. Partnering with co-founder Dr. Wayne Andersen they pioneered and built what has become Optavia Inc., one of America's largest and successful transformational coaching companies. Optavia was named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Fortune and Forbes, and one of the Most Trusted Companies in America by Forbes in 2016 and 2017. Greg has trained over 10,000 health professionals and health coaches and has helped over 150,000 people improve their health and well being. Greg lives in both San Diego and in Lake Tahoe and travels internationally to share his insights and principles on how become a lifestyle entrepreneur and to organize your career and life around what matters most to you.
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Who Is Greg Rex?
Enter Greg Rex
Author, Speaker, Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Greg Rex understands the unique challenges of being an entrepreneur because he’s lived it. Over his 30+ year career building numerous companies, he’s had a rollercoaster ride of successes and a few failures, until he finally cracked the code for creating work-life balance.

Greg has always been passionate about health and fitness–especially surfing, snowboarding and yoga–but at age 37, mid-way through his career, he found himself trapped in the corporate rat race, living on adrenaline, $100,000 in high interest debt, too tired and overworked to take care of himself, and 50 lbs heavier than his optimal weight.

After being laid off at the end of 2001, he took a sabbatical in Costa Rica where he realized he had to simplify his life, make a change, and find a way to earn a living without killing himself working for someone else. He decided he was going to figure out how to find balance and become a “lifestyle entrepreneur.”

From his frustration and failure emerged his life’s calling… to create a system that enabled him to lead a balanced, healthy life focusing on the Trilogy of Healthy body, mind and finances. Things really kicked into gear when Greg partnered with Dr. Wayne Andersen and they set out to transform the health of America. After losing 50 lbs in 10 weeks, Greg went on to help build the coaching model, training structure and company culture of Optavia™ Inc., one of the largest and most successful transformational coaching companies in America and now expanding internationally.

Since then he’s trained over 10,000 health professionals and health coaches, helped over 150,000 clients create optimal health, and helped the company grow to $500 million per year. Optavia™ was named one of the fastest growing companies in America by Fortune and Forbes, and one of the Most Trusted Companies in America by Forbes in 2016 and 2017.

Over the course of his career, Greg has personally worked for and studied with some of the legends of personal and business development, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Marshall Thurber, John Assaraf, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, and many more.

Greg is the author of STOKED: A Spiritual Journey from Employee to Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He is also a frequent speaker at medical conferences, health conferences, business and personal development conferences throughout North America. He has been interviewed by ABC, CBS, and Fox about his work on health coaching, corporate wellness and work-life balance.

Greg is also the eldest of 5, born and raised in San Diego. He practices yoga, loves snowboarding, surfing, fishing, and anything having to do with the ocean or nature. He is also a world traveler, especially to tropical, world-class surf spots such as Bali, Tahiti and Central America. He studies Shamanism, Animism and he is a “Dendrophile” (A lover of forests and trees) and an environmental activist. Evolving to a “Global Citizen” as his organization expands internationally, Greg currently resides in a mountain home in North Lake Tahoe and also lives part time at the beach in Cardiff, CA.
Partners and Mentors
Tony Robbins - Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker
Deepak Chopra MD and Greg Rex -
Internist/Endocrinologist and
New York Times Bestselling Author
Dr. Wayne Andersen - Best Selling Author and named one of America's Top Physicians
Greg & Paul Pilzer, Wellness Expert, Economist, Former Presidential Advisor, and Best Selling Author
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Greg Rex | Health Coach, Speaker, Lifestyle Entrepreneur
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